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Thank you for your interest in sharing materials with  our member community!  Sharing and collaborating benefits us all!

If you are thinking about sharing material on our site, please keep in mind these important considerations:

  • Please make sure that all information submitted is YOURS, and yours alone, and is not subject to copyrights.
  • Make sure you have authorization from any party to submit to this website (i.e. if an article was published in a journal, please make sure you have authorization to also share it on a website). TRÈS OM is not responsible for double-checking sources.
  • In the event of copyright infringement, the submitted material will be immediately removed from the site, and your membership will be terminated.
  • Make sure all templates / brochures are submitted in a document format that can be edited/modified by members to customize to their own needs (ex. Microsoft Office).
  • Articles should be submitted in Adobe PDF format, and will not be modified.
  • Please note, your name and credentials will not be included on submitted templates and brochures. These materials are intended to used by everyone.
  • Article authors will receive full recognition for published articles.
  • Once your submission is accepted for publication on the site, TRÈS OM will notify you, and all future annual membership renewal fees will be waived for life!


Please specify the file(s) you would like to share below, and provide your name and e-mail address so we know who to thank!  Thanks again for sharing!

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