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T.R.È.S OM was created in 2015, and it is designed to help with the sharing of information related to Orofacial Myology to further each member’s knowledge, and eliminate the need to “reinvent the wheel”.

Your input and sharing of information is ESSENTIAL to expand the knowledge, and increase the wealth of information. We hope to make this website THE place where you can easily access any information related to Orofacial Myology.

The creators of this website have experienced what it takes to start a private practice, and have learned from experience how much time and effort goes into designing the PowerPoint presentations, brochures and questionnaires needed to support them. Because of this, they teamed up together to share their templates with each other, and from this sharing the idea was born to expand the sharing to the community. We hope you will choose to participate, and contribute to sharing knowledge for the mutual benefit of us all.

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