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Welcome to T.R.È.S OM

We provide templates, resources, and educational materials to members to facilitate the access to information, and further knowledge through sharing of information, pictures, articles, and forums.

This website was created to assist Speech-Language Pathologists, Dental Hygienists and other professionals who share a common interest in Orofacial Myology by providing up-to-date, downloadable, and easy to use and edit information, brochures, articles, etc.

Stop reinventing the wheel!

This is the philosophy that inspired this website. Most clinicians have to create brochures, questionnaires, evaluation reports, PowerPoint presentations, etc., which is very time consuming. Furthermore, it is often difficult to access information, and articles to further our knowledge. We designed this website so that each member can easily access a template, and modify it to fit their personal need and style. We also aim to have YOU collaborate, and share information, so all members can benefit from each other’s knowledge, and we can all grow together, rather than work on our own.

Learn, share, and earn CEUs

T.R.È.S OM encourages the sharing of files by its members to increase the wealth of knowledge available on the website, and promote the growth of each member. As we designed this website, we thought of all the times over the years when we have learned some valuable information simply by chance, or heard something through the grapevine from our fellow clinicians. Our hope is that this website will facilitate more of these valuable information exchanges by providing a centralized place for this information sharing to occur.

As the website expands and the number of members grows, we will  offer webcasts providing CEU opportunities to members. We firmly believe that continued education should be readily available to all Orofacial Myologists, and that external factors such as distance or finances should not interfere with education.

How does the membership work?

Becoming a member is very simple. Access the membership-registration page, and fill the information. The initial membership fee is $100, and this grants you full member privileges for an entire year. After a year, you can choose to continue your membership by paying a $75 annual renewal fee.

How about free membership for a year?

Members are strongly encouraged to submit their own templates, articles, questionnaires, etc. If three of your submissions are accepted in a given year, your annual renewal fee of $75 will be waived for the subsequent year.

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